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Doing the Right Thing

Affiniden cares about people and the planet, and conducts business in a way that will have a positive impact on both. This is great news for you; it means that when you choose an Affiniden product, we have already done the leg-work to make sure that it is ethically sourced and eco-friendly, all you need to do is enjoy!


Affiniden only provides premium goods, and as such, we ensure that the quality of all our products is to an exacting standard. In order to provide this level of quality, we only work with manufacturers who are equally fastidious about workmanship, and subject the goods` to quality control at every stage. 

Our manufacturer has passed the ISO 9000 certification, ensuring that the products meet customers’ high standards whilst meeting regulatory and statutory requirements. The certification requires businesses to meet seven quality management principles; these include customer focus, innovation and evidenced-based decision making. 

Because Affiniden only works with manufacturers that meet this high benchmark, you can be sure that your purchase will be of the best available quality.


As you can see? If not don’t worry.


Our bags are PC and BPA free, and therefore are non-toxic and completely safe for the storage of food. 

The bags are certified by both the FDA, and SGS, bodies which are recognised for setting the global standards for safety, quality and integrity. 

Affiniden products are sourced from manufacturers that are certified to comply with the ‘Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)’. This means that we can be sure that the materials used in our products don’t contain any nasties such as mercury and lead. As you can see, our bags are designed and manufactured with your safety in mind. To further ensure your safety please check the instructions that come with your purchase.


Our manufacturer has been accredited with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification, which means that independent auditors have agreed they pass all of the global standards of ethical practice. 

Specifically, this ensures: 

  • Ethical business behaviour

  • Fair and lawful working hours and compensation 

  • Occupational health, wellbeing and safety

  • Environmental protection 

  • No forced or child labour

For these reasons, it is clear why Affiniden will only do business with manufacturers that hold this accreditation. 


The planet thanks you for choosing Affiniden! 

Affiniden have worked hard to ensure our products are as environmentally-friendly as possible. Every time you use your Affiniden bag, instead of a plastic one, there will be one less piece of imperishable litter in a landfill or in the sea. On top of this, we don’t wrap our products in unnecessary plastic. The box is all the packaging that is needed to ensure your bags are safe and clean upon delivery. 

Continuing on our quest to reduce environmental impact, Affiniden have chosen to transport our products via sea, rather than air.  You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your product hasn’t racked up excessive and avoidable carbon emissions.

Finally, the restriction of hazardous materials in the production of our bags not only ensures your safety, but also reduces toxic environmental damage. 

When you choose Affiniden, you know that your product is ethical.

We have done all the checks, all you need to do is check your bag is Affiniden.

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